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The Horse Boot Breakdown

The Horse Boot Breakdown

What Horse Boots does your horse need?

Horse boots come in all shapes and sizes & have been designed for specific jobs. 

We stock boots from different brands to suit different disciplines. We will go through some of our collection to help give an idea of what boot might suit your horse best.

Jumping Boots 

eShock Tendon & Fetlock boots By eQuick 

eShock tendon and fetlock boots by eQuick

We love eShock because of their smart design & unique patented eFluidgel technology that significantly reduces impact on the horse's legs. This special bubble in the shell comes in Black (Legend) or Blue & greatly reduces the impact the horse's leg could suffer due to air and gel compression & to their capacity to absorb shock. These boots are anatomically shaped to wrap around the tendon, protecting from injuries while ensuring comfort. 

They have the option of a long lasting man-made artificial sheepskin (Fluffy) which is 100% animal friendly, artificial sheepskin. Fitting is even better than real sheepskin maintaining with the time it's softness and colour.

eShock boots can be chucked in the washing machine at 30°C making them incredibly practical. 

Flatwork Boots

 Eskadron Brushing Boots 

Eskadron brushing boots orange

Eskadron is well know for their #matchymatchysets and need no introduction to this! So today we are here to talk about the quality & functionality of their beautiful brushing boots.

Eskadron Brushing boots come out in several different collections throughout the year. Even though they have a new look, the core fundamentals haven't changed. 

Eskadron offer a Softslate/Glamslate option or a mesh boot. The Glamslate boot is designed with a robust PU inlay and soft Evo Wool inside which will provide your horse perfect protection against bruising and chafing. The elastic velcro straps ensure a secure and reliable fit. The Mesh design is very similar apart from the Evo Wool is only used as a binding around the edge of the boot. The mesh boots are better for horses who tend to get hotter in the leg area. 

Eskadron brushing boots purple

Kingsland Brushing Boots 

Kingsland brushing boots

Kingsland Protection boots are made from durable artificial leather to give good protection to your horses legs. They have a Faux fur edge to help prevent irritation on sensitive-skinned horses, as well as a Neoprene lining inside to wick away any sweat. They also design boots as part of a whole #matchy look and you can always find a stunning full set look for your horse. 
Kingsland protection boots

Jumping boots

 Eskadron Tendon & Fetlock Boots

Eskadron tendon and fetlock horse boots

Eskadron have 2 different priced Tendon (Front) & Fetlock (Back) boots making them affordable for all. The lower priced boots, the Flexisoft, are still are made to a very high standard and the name says it all - they are light and flexible making them a very comfortable boot, whilst still offering all the protection you need when jumping. We love them for training & shows as they have so many colour options, including white!

Eskadron Pro Flex Classic Tendon Boots are a flashier boot. They are engineered with unique, transparent TPU-shell and have carefully placed reinforced protection zones to reduce the risk of injury or abrasions. There are dual locking Velcro straps across the front of the boots that help to keep them secure and in place, plus a soft-edged neoprene lining that molds to your horse's legs for maximum comfort. These are a gorgeous looking boot that we would wear for shows as they are so special. 

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