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How to prepare for a horse show - tips and checklist

How to prepare for a horse show - tips and checklist

How to prepare for a horse show

Being prepared for a horse show means you are already winning!

Competition prep is everything and gives you a bit of breathing space to focus on the things you need to focus on at a show. 

Having a good understanding of the latest rules whether going unaffiliated or affiliated can help you get your checklist in order. 

Essential show Day Accessories

We stock a special collection of essential show day accessories, show rugs & #matchy headcollars, grooming bags, grooming kits, grooming products so you and your horse have everything you need for your competition.


Planning for your season ahead. 

If you aren't yet in full swing competition mode, have you checked your kit from last season? Maybe you only have 1 pair of the numbers you had and can't find the second or is your stock looking worse for wear? If you have checked you are aware of the relevant rules and you know what's needed, now's a good time to give everything a clean & get sorted. 

Preparing for the unexpected 

Have you checked the weather forecast? Whether it's going to be hot, cold, windy or wet there are some must-have accessories that can help. If it's hot, making sure you have a set of fly veils can help, or vice versa, a show or travel rug that keeps your horse warm if there's a breeze coming in. We have a great selection of rugs in stock to suit competition & travel along with #matchymatchy accessories like headcollars.

Did you know that you are no longer allowed to warm up with a normal rug on your horse and that it must be a secure exercise sheet? Don't worry, we have you sorted. 

Looking & feeling the part

When you look good, you feel good. For riders, having crisp white accessories, neat hair, & maybe a bit of bling on your #kephat gives you that feel good factor!

Presentation is key. The same goes for you horse. When they step off the lorry (hopefully with all their plaits still in tacked!) you have that moment of "wow look at you" and that show day excitement hits you.

We only stock products we have tried and tested ourselves, products that bring out the best in our horses so they are ready to shine with you! Good quality grooming & some good old' elbow grease is especially essential to getting that gorgeous competition shine on a horse. 

Grooming Kit Checklist

Organisation is key. Last but not least, having a specific grooming bag for shows is a gamechanger! 

Stock this so it has everything you could possibly need for a competition. 
This is what we would put in ours:

  1. Saddlepad Numbers (2 pairs)
  2. 2/3 Grooming brushes (including a mane brush)
  3. Shine spray 
  4. Mane & tail
  5. Plaiting bands/ thread / needle
  6. Treats
  7. Fly spray
  8. Studs (depending on if you are competing on grass)
  9. Gloves
  10. Scissors
  11. Hoof pick
  12. Hoof oil
  13. Clean cloth/ sponge
  14. First aid cream 
  15. Vaseline

What would your essential #Groomingbag list be? We would love to hear!



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