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7 of the best luxury Equestrian brands - Kep Italia

7 of the best luxury Equestrian brands - Kep Italia
Kep Italia are one of leading companies in the production of riding helmets.

Since launching its first model in 2007, KEP Italia has continued its pursuit of excellence, making every single helmet traceable and subjecting its products to rigorous checks by international safety certification bodies for the equestrian sector.

Their aim was to research and produce more comfortable, safer and more innovative helmets than the ones currently available on the market, a goal that led them to explore and combine the best solutions in terms of design, technology, materials and safety.

The materials and details of Kep helmets are all exclusively made in Italy making this a fabulous, luxury equestrian brand.

How to get the perfect Kep Helmet fit

KEP Italia produces helmets with the outer shell available in two different sizes, M or L. The medium outer shell can be fitted with eight different sizes, from 51 to 58, whilst the large shell holds sizes 59 to 62. Kep uses a liner system which works on 2 different shape heads, an oval and narrow to meet the shape of the riders head. KEP Italia has created ten linings for oval heads (typical in Europe) and twelve linings for narrow heads (typical of North America and Canada).


Kep offer options which are available to buy immediately such as the Jockey, which is available in a multitude of colours, this is a great riding hat for all disciplines including Cross country. There is also the Smart & Smart Polish which are available in Black or Navy. These can be ordered with a standard or polo peak and are great for Training and Horse Competitions with a great price tag.

If you were looking for something unique to you, Kep have an abundance of choice. The riding helmet of your dreams can be created. Jewels and Horses offer a design service to help you every step of the way with a £10 fee that is taken off the final amount if you purchase your Kep through us. Your Kep riding hat can be any colour you want and as blingy as you like!


Kep state that safety is their top priority. "Protecting riders and equestrians by providing them with the best in terms of technology, protection, quality, and innovation, is our responsibility on a daily basis.

Before launching the production of any model, we always verify the prototype through various tests that measure the resistance and performance of every single component. The aim of our helmets is to provide top levels of performance and efficiency, reflecting no-compromise quality and craftsmanship".

Kep helmets are loved and worn by professionals at the top of the sport, all over the world. 

For us, Kep represent everything a luxury equestrian brand should! 


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