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Best Riding Breeches 2023 & How to Get the Perfect Fit for your Body Shape

Best Riding Breeches 2023 & How to Get the Perfect Fit for your Body Shape

The Best Riding Breeches 2023

Horse riding breeches are a fundamental piece of kit for equestrians. The fit, functionality & style are everything we need to be right to make them fit for purpose. 

What is important for you in a pair of  riding breeches?

Are you a full seat or knee grip person?

Do you prefer High, Mid or Low waisted breeches?

What fit do you prefer? Do they need to be of a certain thickness?

Will you only wear a limited amount of colours? 

What features do you like? Bling, NO bling??

Is a phone pocket essential? 

We see riders everyday who have very specific requirements when shopping for riding breeches. Some will not budge from their favourite selected brands, whereas some equestrians are more open to trying on a few pairs. 

We like to ask equestrians the above questions to narrow down the daunting task. After all, breeches aren't cheap and need to be right. 

Full seat Riding Breeches or knee grip Riding Breeches?

Full seat breeches have a patch that covers the seat and inside of leg down to the calf area. They are more commonly seen on dressage riders because dressage requires a strong connection from seat to saddle. Event riders and riders on young/spooky horses may also go for full seat to add more security to help the rider stay in saddle.

Jumpers are known to prefer knee grip as the silicone patch in the knee area provides extra security over fences whilst allowing riders to move freely in their seat. 

Low, Mid or High Waisted Riding Breeches?

This normally comes down to personal preference. What do you feel more comfortable & confident in? What fit do you think your body type suits best? 

Apple Body Shape: 

riding breeches for apple shaped body

Like an apple, the apple’s body shape is determined by its rounder shape which resembles the fruit we know. Apple shaped women tend to carry extra weight around the middle & probably have wide shoulders, a belly and thin arms & legs. A high waisted fit is best for Apple shape figures because they will visually elongate your legs whilst helping to cinch in your stomach. 

Riding breeches we recommend Kingsland Kadi, Pikeur Candela, Animo Nekana, Animo Neuro, Animo Niping

Pear Body Shape: 

riding breeches for pear shaped body

Like a pear, the body type is called the pear-shaped body type because it resembles the pear shape that has a slimmer top and a broader lower part. Women with Pear shaped figures tend to have thick thighs, ample hips & a juicy booty, usually with a smaller upper body & waist! A high waisted fit is best for Pear shape figures because they provide a great fit for your bottom whilst lengthening legs & balancing out your hip area. 

We Recommend Harcour UnitaAnimo NuiportAnimo NekanaAnimo NicisKingsland KadiPikeur CandelaAnimo NekanaAnimo NeuroAnimo Niping

Petite slim or petite Curvy:

horse riding breeches for petite body shape

Short women of all shapes tend to suit a mid or high-waisted pair of breeches. A curvier, petite figure will tend to suit a high waist which will help to contain a tummy and lengthen the leg, whereas a slim petite would be best in a mid-waist. 

Riding breeches we recommend Animo NevraHarcour Madrid, Harcour Vogue, Harcour Jaltika, Harcour Unita, Kingsland Kornelia

Hourglass shape:

horse riding breeches for curvy body shape

The hourglass body shape is a body shape that appears to look like an hourglass because of the contoured shape of the waist which emphasises the wider hips and bust. If you have a small waist & are curvy all over, then a high waist will do wonders for your gorgeous figure. It will contain a tummy whilst flattering your natural curves elsewhere. 

We recommend Animo NicisKingsland KadiPikeur CandelaAnimo NekanaAnimo NeuroAnimo NipingHarcour UnitaAnimo NuiportAnimo Nekana

Inverted Triangle Shape:

horse riding breeches for inverted triangle shaped body

An inverted triangle body shape is a body shape with bigger proportions on the top than on the bottom. It can also appear as an athletic build as the legs & waist are smaller then the bust & shoulders width. Women with this body shape should go for breeches that have a low-rise waist as well as details around the hip, bottom & thigh areas, such as back pockets, front pockets, bling & embellishments to help draw the eye downward. 

We recommend Pikeur Laure, Tommy Hilfiger Desert Sky, Tommy Hilfiger Lakerfront, Pikeur Nia, Animo Niping, Harcour Barcelone

Rectangle Body Type:

riding breeches for rectangular shaped body

This body shape is often called an athletic build. This body type will look good in low, mid or high waist if you have a straight figure with slim hips. Low waist is best if you're taller & slim & looking to add curves. 

We recommend Pikeur Nia, Pikeur Laure, Animo Nevra, Harcour Vogue, Harcour Jaltika, Animo Niuport, Animo Nailend, Animo Neuro

Still not sure? Why not contact us with your exact requirements so we can help you source the best riding breeches for you, for everyday or competitions.

It's what we love to do. 

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