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Essential Horsebox Kit List, Cleaning, Safety, and Loading Tips

Essential Horsebox Kit List, Cleaning, Safety, and Loading Tips

Horsebox Kit Checklist, Cleaning, Safety, and Loading Tips

When it comes to transporting your horses, having a well-equipped and properly maintained horsebox is crucial for their safety and comfort. Below we discuss the essential kit list for your horsebox, cleaning and maintenance tips, as well as important safety considerations. Additionally, we'll provide some useful loading tips to ensure a smooth and stress-free travel experience for both you and your horses.

Essential Kit List 

You may want to consider the following when you travel:

  • Horse First Aid Kit: Include bandages, wound dressings, antiseptic solutions, and any necessary medications.
  • Safety Equipment: Fire extinguisher, high-visibility vests, reflective triangles, and warning signs.
  • Spare Tyre and Tyre Changing Equipment: Carry a fully inflated spare tyre, jack, and wheel brace for emergencies.
  • Tools: Basic tools for minor repairs or adjustments.
  • Hay, Water, and Feed: Sufficient supplies for the journey, considering the duration and needs of your horses.
  • Tack and Equipment: Bridles, saddles, saddlepads, boots, grooming kits, and any necessary training aids. Remember to keep numbers, bands & fly spray for competitions. P.s. don't forgot your stuff - hat, boots, gloves, body protector, whip, spurs. 
  • Emergency Contact List: Important phone numbers, including your vet and breakdown assistance.

Horsebox Cleaning, Safety, and Regular Maintenance

Regularly cleaning your horsebox is essential for maintaining a hygienic and safe environment. Sweep out the horse area, remove any waste, and disinfect surfaces. Pay special attention to ventilation points, windows, and door hinges. Inspect the flooring and ramps for any signs of damage or wear, addressing any issues promptly. Sweeping bedding up/ out of the horse area helps to avoid the floor getting damp.

Safety considerations include checking the tyre pressure, lights, and brakes before each trip. If you’re using a trailer, inspect the towbar or coupling, ensuring it is securely attached. Regularly test the brake system and ensure the electrical connections are functioning properly.

Horsebox Loading Tips

Loading your horses onto the horsebox can be a sensitive process. Here are some tips to facilitate smooth loading:

  • Establish Trust: Use positive reinforcement and patience to build trust with your horse before loading.
  • Familiarise with the Horsebox: Gradually introduce your horse to the horsebox environment before attempting to load.
  • Use a Calming Influence: Place a familiar companion inside the horsebox to provide reassurance.
  • Take It Slow: Allow your horse to explore and step into the horsebox at their own pace.
  • Secure and Comfortable: Ensure that the horsebox is appropriately secured, well-padded, and offers sufficient headroom.
  • Gradual Progression: Start with short journeys and gradually increase the duration to get your horse used to traveling.

Arrive unstressed and ready to compete!

A well-equipped and properly maintained horsebox is essential for safe and comfortable transportation of your horses. By having the essential kit, performing regular cleaning and maintenance, prioritising safety, and following loading tips, you can ensure a stress-free and enjoyable travel experience for both you and your equine companions. Remember, preparation and attention to detail are key to a successful journey. It will help ensure you arrive at your show unstressed and ready to compete!

Don’t have your own Horsebox? Don’t worry - hire one!

If you live in around Berkshire/Buckinghamshire we have a fantastic 4.5 ton horsebox available for self drive hire! It has the payload for two large horses (plus kit & humans of course!). It is suitable for day hire or for a few days at an event.

Like all our products, our horsebox is designed with luxury, glamour and practicality in mind. Hook up, water tank, toilet, large tack lockers, 2 separate beds, hob, sink & wardrobe space. Everything you need for a fantastic time away. You’ll find a few secret luxurious and practical items for both horse and rider supplied to ensure you have the perfect horsebox glamping hire experience.

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