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7 of the best luxury Equestrian brands - Animo

7 of the best luxury Equestrian brands - Animo

We hand pick the best luxury equestrian brands based on exceptional quality, style and functionality. Any clothing or product we select must be luxurious, glamourous, and practical. So, whether you are competing in the ring or at the stable mucking out, you’re comfortable and you feel and look great. Over the next few blogs we’ll show you what we consider to be 7 of the best equestrian brands and why we love them.

7 luxury equestrian brands and why we love them.

Number 1 - Animo

Animo prides itself on top-quality and original products for equestrian fashion. Toughness, taste, and consistency sum them up. They are also extremely proud (& so they should be!) that they manufacture all of their own products, at their base in Italy.

Animo are well known for designing outstanding show jackets. They are unique & ooze class with a beautiful tailored fit. 

luxury equestrian brand Animo

We love their colours and detailing. We stock a wide but carefully selected range of their clothing and horsewear. This includes a colourful selection of show shirts, polo shirts and t-shirts, which stand out beautifully.

luxury riding brand Animo

We also love the Animo breeches, detailed with matching piping or waistbands, for an eye-catching but sophisticated look. They have designed different styles to suit the many different figures of women. Animo Breeches are created to last and help riders perform their best using extensively researched technical and hard-wearing materials. 

luxury equestrian brand animo breeches

Their horsewear includes matching saddle pads and competition ears, so rider and horse are equally stylish.


We think Animo is a great luxury riding brand. Want to see more Animo? Head to the collection now. 

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