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7 of the best luxury Equestrian Brands - Kingsland Equestrian

7 of the best luxury Equestrian Brands - Kingsland Equestrian

Kingsland Equestrian

Thinking about our theme of “Reasons to be Cheerful” our focus is on Brands that help us achieve our aims of Luxury, Glamour and Practicality. Important to say our underpinning and overarching principles include environmental considerations and helping others.

This week, we are really excited to talk about one of J&H's personal favourite equestrian brands; Kingsland Equestrian. We wore Kingsland long before we became stockists.

Kingsland - beautifully understated quality

If you don't know much about Kingsland then you absolutely need to know as you are missing out! Kingsland Equestrian are a Norwegian brand that have a reputation for stunning yet practical attire, blending classic equestrian fashion and contemporary design. There collections truly draw on and reflect Norway's minimalism and nature-inspired attitude and culture. Kingsland design is beautifully understated.

Here at J&H we love the quality, fit, style & design. If you were to be a fly on the wall, then you would hear our gasps, shrieks & squeals whenever going through a new box of stock that has just arrived.  Sometimes arguing over who gets to model what!

Environmental equestrian brand

Not only do we adore the products but we adore the ethos, Kingsland Equestrian are very mindful of their environmental footprint and work really hard on creating & only using recycled packaging. You probably don’t know Kingsland use a natural product to replace silica gel anti-mould and moisture protection. This has the same function without detrimental environmental impact. Kingsland also have a collection called Earth where they have used recycled materials to form garments to the same design and quality of their other products. 

Sophisticated equestrian brand

Kingsland also create beautiful items for your horse. Designed and created by equestrians themselves, boots, saddlepads, rugs and headcollars are all made to be entirely practical and robust for the sport we love. Kingsland's collections always have a luxurious and sophisticated design that add to any horses wardrobe!

Kingsland's collections see us through each of the seasonal periods. Spring and Autumn, we are always using Kingsland's base layers and jackets to layer up, Summer (do we remember what this is!) we live in Kingsland polo's and riding tights. Winter, you will see us on the yard, at shows and riding and hacking in our big but beautiful duvet coats! Charlotte Dujardin collaboration is still our all-time favourite.

Kingsland live up to our ethos "Where luxury, Glamour & Practicality unite". We invite you to try this special brand.

You will not be disappointed. Contact us for more info.

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