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eVysor - Mirrored blue
eVysor - Mirrored blue
eVysor - Mirrored blue
eVysor - Mirrored blue
eVysor - Mirrored blue
eVysor - Mirrored blue

eVysor - Mirrored blue

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All Lenses offer excellent UV Protection.

Available in Transparent, Dark, Mirrored Blue, Mirrored Orange, Mirrored Green and Mirrored Rainbow Tints. Please contact us for option of different colours. 

Luminous Transmittance:

  • Transparent 98,08%

  • Mirrored Orange 46,28%

  • Mirrored Blue 42,63%

  • Mirrored Green 38,41%

  • Mirrored Rainbow 19,85%

  • Darker 10,45%


Filter Category:

  • Transparent 0

  • Mirrored Orange 1

  • Mirrored Green 2

  • Mirrored Rainbow 2

  • Mirrored Blue 2

  • Darker 3

The eVysor horse mask is recommended for a variety of reasons:

Trail Riding
Eye Protection From Harmful UV Sun, Wind, White Sand, Water, Dust and Branches
Eye Protection From Bright Snow Glare
Head-Shaking Syndrome
Barrel Racing
Endurance Riding
Horse Racing
Mounted Shooting Protection

Designed for use during riding only and when your horse is supervised. It is not recommended to use this product on a horse unattended due to the potential for it to move if a horse tries to rub their eyes or getting it caught (e.g. on a fence) and could pull off.

The eVysor fits over the ears and clips under the jaw.

The straps are made from thick, comfortable elasticated material. This allows it to be easily placed on and off your horse's head over the bridle.
Stays put and in place very well during high energy type of activities like riding and jumping.

Offered in ONE Size with very easy to adjust straps to fit all horse-size horses. It will not fit ponies or large drafts.

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