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Jessica Hewlett

We're proud to sponsor the amazing Jessica Hewlett, as she goes from strength to strength in the national and international show jumping arena. We're delighted to provide her with a range of clothing and horse wear.

Here's a lovely bit about Jessica, in her own words. 


I come from a totally unhorsey background

Unlike many riders I came from a totally unhorsey background. My parents have always said if I want to do horses I have to do it all myself. I bought and sold horses and ponies from the age of 13! And saved up to buy my own horses and move up the levels. We live on a family farm so have been incredibly lucky to have been able to do this and have the space for them.

My parents and friends help

Over the years I’ve even managed to rope my parents into the excitement of the support and now my mum and I largely run the yard together, along with my amazing friend Hannah. And it’s been an incredible journey, we now struggle to have enough space and have a wait list for horses to come on livery!

Invaluable experience at other yards

Before setting up on my own I went and worked at other showjumping yards to gain experience, I think for anyone wanting to pursue horses this is essential as the experience and connections you gain are invaluable and I’m very thankful particularly to the fletchers for my time there and all that I learnt!

My horses: Fleur

I currently have two horses of my own. Fleur who I have had for two years. She changed a lot for me. I never thought I’d be in the position to be jumping to a higher level and I was incredibly lucky to have found her and she made a lot of things possible that I didn’t think would be!

My horses: Kenny

And then of course Kenny. I’ve had Kenny a year and we’ve both moved up the levels together. Getting to know him has been the biggest blessing, he has his own way of going and rides completely differently to how he looks! However I have never ever known a horse try so hard and have quite such an enormous heart. Together we have progressed to world ranking 1.45 classes, winning the YR 1.45m Grand Prix at Lamprechstausen & 3rd in the Grand Prix at Compiegne. As well as bronze and silver medals for team GB in the nations cups. Both these horses have been horses of a lifetime for me and I’m incredibly lucky.

Jewels and Horses

I’ve been supported by Jewels & Horses for years now and before owning their clothing I really didn’t know what I was missing out on! Everything is absolutely gorgeous and it’s a real privilege to be part of a team of such a wonderful brand that I truly do love!

(Thank you for your kind words Jess! We're very happy to be supporting you! J&H xx)


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