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J&H's Top five equestrian products that we could not live without.

J&H's Top five equestrian products that we could not live without.

Someone asked me the Question "if you were stuck on a deserted Island , what would would you bring?" and this got me thinking...what would my Must-Have 5 Equestrian Items be if I had to choose!

I look after my own horses, train and compete so I spend my life wearing and using equestrian products for the majority of my day. I try and test as much stock as possible (I know what a hardship!) to ensure I can personally vouch for a product we stock, because I would want this service myself!

So here are my Top 5 Horse Products I couldn't live without as an equestrian:

Product 1:

Kingsland Duvet Coats. I have several different styles and live in mine during the Spring, autumn and Winter. They also make an appearance during horrible summer weather because they are great against the elements. When I wear them to shows everyone comments and says they wished they had one! These coats are the best & we restock new ones from Kingsland Year in. 

KL Siriol - Green Black Ink

KL Alleigh - Brown

KL Alleigh - Black 

Product 2:

Eshock Legend Tendon & Fetlock Boots. I love these boots and they look amazing on my horse. They are easy to wash (bonus!), they don't rub any of my horses during training or shows. They have an exclusive patented eFluidgel Technology - this means the special bubble in the shell greatly reduces the impact the horse’s leg could suffer due to air- and gel compression, and to their capacity to absorb shock. so not only do they look good, but they offer your horse the ultimate protection whilst jumping.

Product 3:

Animo Niuport Full Seat Breeches. These breeches are so unbelievably comfy. They have a very secure seat and I feel they suit my figure best because of their high-waisted fit. I wear Dolphin Grey for training and white for competitions. 

Product 4:

Kep Helmets. Safety is paramount but looking good is also important. We stock KEP hats because they produce beautiful looking helmets that combine the best solutions in terms of design, technology, materials and safety. They have lots of different price points to suit everyone. We love that Kep are always adding options to their Smart collection which mean you can have a flashier hat for a lower price.

Kep's newest models 2.0 now mean you can change your Kep whenever you like by purchasing new parts in whatever style you please so designing a hat doesn't mean you are stuck with it forever. Removable liners mean they can easily washed & changed & you can even keep a few liners spare to take to stay away shows. 

Product 5:

Animo Windbreaker Rain Jackets. April Showers - no problem! Lightweight with a 2 way zipper as well as being fully waterproof  you don't get moisture inside like you can with a regular rain mac. Made from 86% polyester & 14% elastane they are super comfortable, elastic and breathable so are great to wear when training.  

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