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Discover the Perfect Equestrian Gift Boxes for Horse Enthusiasts

Discover the Perfect Equestrian Gift Boxes for Horse Enthusiasts

Perfect Equestrian Gift Boxes 

From since I can remember, birthdays have been a big deal in my family. It's the time to show the people in your life how much they mean to you. I know birthdays shouldn't be the only time we do this and you should appreciate your loved ones everyday but sometimes life takes over. 

As an equestrian I've always found that non- horsey family really struggle to know what to get you & unless you write a specific list, you could end up with a GP saddlepad when you wanted a Dressage Saddlepad & some non-matching Brushing boots that are for a 17hh warmblood, when you have a 16.1 Trakehner! 

One of my most favourite jobs at Jewels and Horses is creating equestrian gift boxes for people. I love hearing from their friend or family member about them and their equestrian passions and building something I think they will love. I love picking beautiful items, gift wrapping and creating a beautiful box that hopefully has the reaction of ohhh and ahhhh (Good noises!). 

Equestrian Gift Boxes

Customised Equestrian Gift Boxes

Our Equestrian Gift boxes are created by asking a family member or a friend to complete a short form so we can find out favourite colours, least favourite colours and as much detail in relation to the receiver. We have still made lots of super boxes even if family have no idea at all! 

Equestrian Gift Boxes

Our personalised, one-of-a kind equestrian gift boxes aren't only for birthdays & can be for any occasion. If you would like more information about our gift boxes, please just ask. We can build them to suit different desires & budgets, we are here to help!



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