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7 luxury equestrian brands and why we love them - eQuick

7 luxury equestrian brands and why we love them - eQuick

In the world of equestrian sports, riders and their four-legged companions demand the very best in terms of performance, comfort, and style. eQuick is an Italian equestrian brand created by the founder, Nicola Garbossa, that has managed to blend these elements seamlessly, captivating the hearts of both riders and their equine partners.

This blog explores the unique appeal of eQuick and why it has become a favourite among equestrians, including us at Jewels and Horses.

The Equestrian Brand that's Turning Heads

eQuick is a relatively new player in the equestrian world, but it has quickly garnered a reputation for innovation and quality. The brand is renowned for its range of innovative products designed to enhance the well-being and performance of both horses and riders. From protective boots to protective google for horses with the eVysor, eQuick, brings a fresh perspective to the equestrian market.

Protecting Horses with Style

One of the standout features of eQuick products is their focus on horse protection. The brand offers a range of protective gear, including boots designed to shield horses from injury during training and competitions because of their unique PATENTED eFluidgel system. These products are not only effective but also stylish, making them a favourite among riders who want to keep their horses safe without compromising on aesthetics.


eQuick's products align perfectly with Jewels and Horses' values and needs.

Here's why we love

  1. Innovative Technology: eQuick products feature cutting-edge technology designed to enhance the performance and comfort of horses. This innovation resonates with us personally as equestrians, who understands the importance of keeping our horses in top form.

  2. Choice: eQuick offers a range of colour options & styles, allowing riders to select products that match their style preferences. 

  3. Safety and Protection: When sourcing products to stock, we know the significance of safeguarding our horses during high-intensity training and competitions. eQuick's protective gear is not only effective but also ensures that our horses look good while staying safe.

  4. Diverse Product Line: eQuick provides a comprehensive range of products, including boots, eVysors, body protectors, and just recently, clothing. 


The equestrian brand, eQuick is not just a market disruptor but also a symbol of innovation, style, and horse protection. By combining cutting-edge technology with different choices of design and a commitment to horse safety, eQuick has successfully captured the hearts of riders and their equine companions. Whether you're a professional equestrian or a horse enthusiast, eQuick offers a unique blend of style and substance that's hard to resist.

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