KEP Cromo T with Rose Gold Surround & Button and Zircon Kep Logo

KEP Cromo T with Rose Gold Surround & Button and Zircon Kep Logo

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Available to order - Around 6 weeks for delivery.

A beautiful Kep Special that has some really lovely features! Black shell with Black Polish Front & Rear Panels & Visor. Rose Gold Surround & Button Feature finished with a Blingy Zircon Kep Logo!

This KEP Special is in stock in a Medium Shell, Please pick your correct size liner to go with it.

To measure your correct size, place a tape measure along the top of your eyebrows passing above where the ears join the head and finishing back round in the middle of the forehead. We recommend going a size below as most KEP's come up slightly smaller. 

We stock 2 different types of liners and small spacers which can be inserted inside the hat (in front, behind or on the sides) to adapt it perfectly to the rider's head (which may be oval, round or egg-shaped). KEP Italia made twelve linings for oval heads (typical in Europe) and twelve for narrower heads (typical of North America and Canada). 

Please order your correct size liner and send us a comment if you would prefer a US Liner (Narrow Liner), otherwise we will send the Europe liner out as standard.

Why buy a KEP Helmet?
KEP helmets are internationally renowned for being amongst the safest in the world. They undergo the safety tests of a total of five international institutions. KEP's objective has always been to produce the safest helmets in the world, and we are proud to declare that their helmets are the only ones in the world to feature 5 safety certifications.

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