Harcour Sewlym Saddlepad & Barkly Fly Veil Set

Harcour Sewlym Saddlepad & Barkly Fly Veil Set

£99.98 GBP

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This saddle pad is made of special material, which allows a chic look.
Its honeycomb cotton lining provides better absorption and maximum breathability.
The ventilated quilting is suitable for all horse shapes. It is thin and stylish, suitable for intense training sessions as well as for leisure riding.
With its sturdy cut and shape, this pad stays firmly in place underneath the saddle and has a high wither line.

This hand-knitted fly veil is both elegant and sleek.
Its technical fabric in cotton and elastane adapts to all shapes and sizes. It is ideal for competitions and allows the horse not to be distracted by insects.
Its chic style enhances the horse while providing comfort and breathability.
The contrasting border gives it elegance.

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